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Stable fabrication's scope of supply is limited only by it's customer requirements. And a wide range of material's are kept in stock at our works, all of which is fully traceable back to it's supplier.

Materials include: 4130, T45, 15CDV6, Stainless steels, aluminiums and a selection of exotic materials.

Manufactured Items include:

Front and rear uprights, Wishbones, TCA's, ARB's, Trailing arms etc. Also chassis build and repair.

All can be manufactured using jigs supplied or we can manufacture jigs for you.


Radiators, intercoolers, tanks, pipework and all associated cooling requirements,

Pipes and tank ends can be bent or pressed using rapid protoype tooling for more complex shapes.


Bespoke pit and garage equipment, including pit perches, pit and grid trolleys, tyre movers etc.

All manufactured to your specific requirements when only the highest quality will suffice.


Although primarily motorsport orientated Stable fabrication also manufacture for Aerospace, Petrochemical and M.o.D companies.

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